Carpet Buying Top Tips

With so many choices it is easy to get bogged down when choosing a carpet. Choosing the right carpet will ensure you get the look, feel and longevity throughout the home. Here at Beyond we think a good place to start is to choose a type of fibre.


Man Made Fibres

The main benefit of manmade fibres is they offer excellent stain resistance and are in some cases even bleach cleanable! With a stunning range of contempary colours and some great value options they are ideal for anywhere in the home.

Natural Fibres

At Beyond we love wool carpets, wool has a natural warmth and resilience. It also helps moderate the humidity in the home. In particular a wool mix carpet, referred to 80/20 as the name suggests 80% wool, for that soft feel and 20% synthetic material for durability. A wool mix carpet has a superior appearance retention meaning although it might cost a little more it is likely to look good for longer.